Gracindo Pty Ltd trading as Gracindo Education has been established since 28th July 2004 in Melbourne, Australia. The founder is Ivan Sitompul and Ruth Yoseline. As an Australian company, we expand the businesses to Indonesia to recruit students not only from onshore Australia but also offshore in Indonesia.

When we started the Education Consultant business in Indonesia we worked together with CV Gracindo. We have an office at Senayan, Jakarta and then moved to Kelapa Gading and extended our office headquarters to Bandung and Lampung. Our hometown office is in Melbourne.


Our services have expanded into other cities of Australia such as Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Our service capacity in Indonesia has also grown; we have agents spread out all over Indonesia’s provinces and cities. We provide extra miles services that our competitor doesn’t offer, our services include; airports pick up, accommodation, homestay, guardianship, and advising work rights. We can also refer students and connect them to immigration agents for queries of their visa and future.

The services that we mentioned above are free, as we don’t take any administration fees from our student because we have received the commission percentage given by the schools and universities that we represent.

We are very transparent to our students so all information can be found through browsing our website. Information regarding the university or college that they intend to study in, as well as tuition fee and health insurance, can be found.

Improved operations

As our organisation expands we aim also to reduce operational and overhead cost, now we are moving to Internet-based marketing and recruiting to reduce costs. This will allow for faster, transparent and greatly improved services. We aim to extend our region of recruitment and destination of study so it isn’t limited to Indonesia and Australia.

Our Mission

Our work commitment as an education consultant is that we will give results instead of promises, therefore leading to our business’s successful growth even without exhibitions or school presentations. Instead, our good reputation has so far served to help attract students purely through word of mouth from family members or friends of past students. This is as a result of our commitment to do more personal work for our student’s future, which led to their satisfaction with our services.

Last but not least as an education consultant we are not solely a profit-oriented corporation, but we place importance in building up the community and nation through education, which is where our services will help connect students to education internationally. Our friendly staff and our uniquely interpersonal way in which we operate will help sustain our business for the future in the global market.

We value trust, quality and our client’s wishes.